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What is a retrofit assessment? How much does it cost? And can you book it through us? (Psst, the answer is a resounding yes!) Read on for our full guide.

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Definition: What is a Retrofit Assessment?

A retrofit assessment involves an assessor performing an in-depth inspection of your property to find out what changes are needed to make it more energy efficient. As part of the assessment the assessor will talk to you about your plans for the home and any constraints on getting work done.

They’ll then perform a Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) inspection, a ventilation inception and a thermal imaging inspection to assess how energy efficient the property is, and how it can be improved. 

What is the benefit of a retrofit assessment?

You can see all the changes needed rather than committing to one job and finding there’s still work to do. You get a plan that shows the return on investment in your bills and your property value. Your assessor can provide the accredited contractors to carry out the work rather than finding your own. 

How do retrofit assessors carry out the work?

The retrofit assessor will spend the first half of the visit talking with you about your property, your aspirations for the home and what obstacles exist to getting certain jobs done (these could be financial, structural or time constraints). They’ll then conduct a Reduced Standard Assessment Procedure (RdSAP) inspection. This looks at how much energy your house is using to reach a specific level of heat.

The assessor will also carry out a ventilation report, to see how you house handles damp and the like.

How long does a retrofit assessment take?

A home retrofit assessment takes about 1 to 2 hours. 

How much does a retrofit assessment cost?

A retrofit assessment costs about £300-£600 depending on the size of your property. 

Can I have a retrofit assessment done alongside other work?

Provided it’s safe for the assessor to go around the property this shouldn’t be an issue. In fact we actively encourage you to get as much work done at the same time as possible as it saves money as you have builders already on site, it means less disruption as you only have the builders in once, and it’s less carbon intensive so better for the environment. 

Can I book a retrofit assessment through Furbnow?

Yes, just fill out our assessment form for us to take a look at your house and its needs and we can go from there. We make sure all aspects of your house are considered and also take your priorities into consideration. You'll find out the best place to invest in your home to achieve the best results.

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