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What is external wall insulation? How much does it cost? And can you book it through us? (Hint: you sure can, you just need to book a home assessment first). Read on for our full guide.

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Definition: What is external wall insulation?

External wall insulation is cladding that is attached to the outside wall of your home in order to better retain heat and protect against the elements, as well as upgrade the aesthetics of the house. 

External Insulation is most suitable for solid walls - which tend to have been built before 1920 - and involves fixing a layer of insulation material to the outside wall, before covering it in render (plasterwork), or cladding.

Depending on your chosen finish, it can be tailored to your requirements -  smooth, textured, painted, tiled, panelled or pebble-dashed.

What are the benefits of external wall insulation?

Protect your home from heat loss
Save money on your heating bill
Lower your household emissions
Increases the life of the wall

Should I get external wall insulation done alongside other work?

Yes! In fact it is recommended that external insulation is done alongside any other outside work that you are having done (perhaps getting new windows installed) as it can reduce cost and carbon impact.

How long does it take to install external wall insulation?

Depending on your property, External insulation can take between 3 and 6 weeks. Internal Insulation can take between 3 and 5 days. 

External insulation takes longer as there’s more to do! As well as erecting scaffolding, you will be affecting any pipes or attachments to the wall. If more than 25% of the wall is being insulated you’ll also need to check that the wall is up to current building regulation standards - so that may add more time. 

How much does external wall insulation cost?

External Insulation is about £100 per sq. metre.On average, External insulation costs £12,000,According to the Energy Saving Trust - adding solid wall insulation could save you between £930 (Detached) and £240 (mid-floor flat) per year in energy costs, so as well as feeling the immediate benefits, you’re likely to have the difference paid off in about 10 years.

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