HomeBuyer Retrofit Plan

Our HomeBuyer Retrofit Plan makes sure you're in a strong position to complete your home purchase and plan renovations that will improve your new home's energy performance.
Purchase HomeBuyer Retrofit Plan

Your new home's action plan

Trying to understand how you could improve the energy efficiency of your new home before you complete the purchase?

The EPC and RICS survey can give you an indication of energy performance and building condition but often stops comes short in understanding how to actually plan and start your renovation project.

Our HomeBuyer Retrofit Plan can help understand how energy efficiency improvements can integrate with the suggested building condition improvement measures from your RICS report. Make sure you're in a strong position to complete your new home purchase.

Use the results from your RICS HomeBuyer report or Building Survey to understand what energy efficiency measures are suitable for your new home and a high-level plan of where to start.

Understand your new home

See where you need to invest

Get a plan before you complete your purchase