Booking a Home Energy Assessment 

Our Home Energy Assessment means an accredited Retrofit Assessor will inspect your property, work out what it needs, and provide an action plan with fully costed recommendations and a clear path forward.
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Your detailed action plan

Once we’ve assessed your property, we’ll produce a detailed Home Energy Plan which will show: 

- An overview of the current performance of your home and how it could improve with specific energy efficiency measures put in place

- A detailed breakdown of potential problem areas in your home.

- The next steps for your project if you decide to start your retrofit.

- A breakdown of the energy efficiency measures you can install in your home.

If you’ve provided a budget, the suggested plan will take this into account to suggest the best measures to invest in first.

Understand your home

See where you're losing energy

Get a plan to carry out the work

How it works

Get a home assessment

Our accredited assessors will come to your home and inspect its materials & dimensions. They’ll also use thermal imaging to show where you’re losing heat

Receive a home passport plan

Our home passports give a detailed picture of your energy-efficiency performance. Your plan will show which measures are right for your home and which order to do them in to avoid redoing work or harming ventilation

If you want, we'll manage the installation

We’ll pair you with an expert Project Manager to implement your plan. They'll insure quality, find contractors, and give upfront prices & clear timelines. If you want to go solo & find your own contractors that’s fine too. 

Record the impact (coming soon)

We use smart meters to record the energy efficiency of your home & how much you are saving. They can also tell us what the next most effective change will be

How it works

1.What should I expect on the day?
2. How much does it cost?
3. What will my action plan look like?

Your home assessment options

Find your own installers & services

Get biased advice on which measures your home needs
Risk re-doing or undoing poor quality work
Do jobs in the wrong order making the process more expensive
Potential to create new problems like increased damp & mould

Get a online-only assessment

Get an overview from an accredited assessor on the condition of your home 
Your assessment will be based on data available about your home online 
Don’t get detailed breakdown of the state of your home 
Don’t get a personal detailed plan of which measures you should implement
Buy online assessment

Get an in-person assessment

An assessor home visit and detailed picture of how you can improve  energy-efficiency
Diagnose your energy needs with an insulation inspection.
You’ll get a detailed breakdown of where your home can be improved
You’ll get plans and quotes based on your budget and goals to carry out changes in your home
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Start making your home healthier today

We currently supply the West and East Midlands and are currently working on expanding into new areas.

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