Helen's Whole House Approach

House type: 

  • Terraced
  • Victorian

Retrofit level: 

  • Whole-house

Pre-retrofit value: 

  • £80,000.00

Current property value: 

  • £130,000.00

Retrofit cost: 

  • £40,000.00

Reasons for getting house done:

  • Reducing emissions
  • Reducing bills

Retrofit changes: 

  • Underfloor heating
  • Air source heat pump
  • Rooftop solar array 
  • Solid wall insulation

Helen’s story:

“I’d done a partial development of an older building before and incorporating energy efficiency measures in an older building is quite difficult. 

In this case the place needed total refurbishment including getting the flooring up, I wanted to do underfloor heating. It was a very shabby looking mid-terrace sort of place. An elderly lady had lived here for 62 years with a coal fire and no central heating. The floors were cracked. It did have a south sloping roof so I knew I could fit solar panels there. 

It took about four months start to finish. A lot of that was coordinating with different trades, you know that’s quite tricky when you’re doing the whole house. 

The house is now protected against extreme heat and extreme cold, which is where our climate is going, and where we need to start planning for our homes.”

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Before the work took place
Helen's home with its new wall insulation and solar panels

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